These are for items specifically that are NOT ready to ship. These include pre-orders and buy-ins which require bulk/group ordering.  The items ordered here will not charge you shipping.  That will be billed separately once the orders arrive and shipping is calculated.

Each item will have an MOQ (minimum ordering quantity) needed for ALL those buying to purchase. The great thing about buy-ins is 1 person doesn't have to order tons to make the MOQ instead many of us can order and share the affordable direct-from-supplier cost. IF an MOQ is NOT made refunds will be given for those items.

Please be sure to check closing dates. They sometimes get extended to try to make the MOQ needed to order. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask. HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

Buy-in fees are $2.50 per buy-in and will be billed with shipping invoices once the product comes in. So if you order from 2 different buy-ins you will have a total of $5 buy-in fees.

Please order separately IN-STOCK items or your order will be on hold until the pre-ordered items arrive.

If you have not ordered buy-ins before please understand they can take between 4-8weeks to arrive.  I will keep everything updated as I know, but with shipping issues a global issue lately please EXPECT delays!!!!! ONCE you have been notified your order is in, I will hold it for 2 months only. PLEASE add our email so you get notifications as our email tends to go to spam folders.

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