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This year my family and business have been truly blessed this year and I'd like to give back!!!I'm asking for your help!!!

Please feel free to nominate as many as you liked! I'll choose 1 winning recipient from each category (hopefully I can keep it at one) on Dec. 1st and notify the person who nominated them.

Here's how to enter someone:
Send an email to hollingdaleshobbies@gmail.com (1 PER ENTRY)Subject: telling me which of the 3 categories the entry is forBody: Include any information you would like to provide on the individual. Colors they like, interests, animals, etc.

Category 1:Birth-3 years
The winner will receive items geared towards this age range for developmental and physical growth. Examples may include: teething clip, silicone bowl and spoon set, cups, silicone stackers, teething ring

Category 2:4-8 years
The winner will receive more playful and dress-up type items, though educational ones maybe possible too. Examples may include: shape sorters, cups, bag tags, pens, trinket box, necklaces etc.

Category 3:16 & Up
These will be adult type items. These items can range from resin keychains, wristlets, tumblers, towels, badge reels, pens, wine stoppers etc.

Please feel free to share and spread the word!!!

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