Spin-it to Clip-it (bag tags)

Spin-it to Clip-it (bag tags)

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Bag tags are fun (mostly silicone) items that clip onto whatever you desire, keys, purse, backpack, diaper bag, etc the options are endless!

$7.50 each

NEXT LIVE will be on: March 25th 8pm EST 

How the game is played:

When your turn is called we spin the wheel for you. Whichever number it lands on you win that bag tag OR you can choose a "this or that" option.  You are then given two randomly selected bag tags to choose from for your bag tag clip.

If you are NOT present we will still spin and play for you, unless you notify us to hold your order until the next live event.

If you spin lands on the bonus spot then you win that bag tag as well as your choice of any other bag tag currently on the board.

These are meant for adult use and not meant for children under 3.